Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Dream Come True

I had been having a recurring dream for years, I would be in my home (and it always looked different) and find myself walking by a room not really being used or discover a room in the house I hadn't noticed before and I would say, "I could use this room as my scrapbook room." In December, 2008 we bought a bigger house and I thought it was time for my dream to come true. There was a room in the daylight basement that would be perfect! The dream turned quickly into a nightmare as on January 9, 2009, the first day in the house we found broken pipes damaged walls and so on. My dream room was torn to shreds to repair all the damages. We moved in on February 12, 2009, but still had alot of repair work ahead of us. This first picture is what one side of the room looked like (the opposite corner had its walls ripped out too from a foundation leak) this second picture is one view of the room before the previous owners moved out (they let us take pictures before hand so we could do some planning). The last three pictures are the finished room. On the black shelves I have my scrapbooking that I'm working on and also discontinued Close To My Heart product that is on sale at a discounted price. My desk is in a U shape so that I can use one area for scrapbooking, one for stamping and the other for computer work. I have three tables set up all the time so it is always ready for guests (I can seat 12 people at a time). I have a few sample ideas hanging up on the wall as well as my current workshop schedule. I have plenty of space to work, hold my stamping and scrapbooking workshops and have friends over to "play." So maybe it took longer than I thought it would and a lot harder work than I thought too, but it is finished and it is a beautiful room and I love sharing it with my customers and friends!

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