Thursday, January 13, 2011

Backyard Renovation

back left top before

back left top after
Here are a bunch of before and after pictures of the work that we did over the summer in our back yard.

We have been working so hard in the house, getting everything fixed up, but as soon as Adam got home from BYU Hawaii I decided I needed to take advantage of his presence.  We started the beginning of August and every day during that month Adam, Megan and I all worked a minimum of two hours in the backyard. 

back left before

back left after
Because there was so much damage etc. inside the house, we decided to just start over on in.  So I thought, why not do the same with the back yard.  I came up with a plan on the yard and we got started.

First was the demolition, we pulled out the rock walls and the railroad tie walls and started over.  We also pulled out all the raised garden beds so the dirt against the fence wouldn't continue to rot the fence boards.
Right side after

Right side before
Adam got stuck with most of the digging, he had to dig the dirt away from the fence on 2 sides of the yard because the dirt there was up against the fence as well.  We moved a lot of the railroad ties we had pulled out to support the dirt, but keep it off the fence so it would quit rotting those boards too. 

back shed before

back shed after
I changed the shape of the hill coming down from the second level.  Where the railroad tie walls were, I used the rocks from the rock wall and created several garden layers.  We moved the strawberries, blueberries and raspberries to this area.  I gave each berry their own level.  Then we leveled out the area by the cherry and peach trees and then created a small garden area for just vegetables. 
Adam created a fire pit in the middle of the yard that looks awesome.  We had to clear out the area next to the shed that had a sandbox, tons of rocks, burned screws, nails and untold pieces of metal and an old dog house.  It was a lot of work just clearing out the stuff in the back yard and a lot of dump trips.  Especially on the other side of the house, there was a lot of garbage, but once that was cleaned out I put in some tiers of rocks and added a few plants (more to come next summer). 

back deck before

back deck after
The summer before we had the deck redone, the old one just crumbled as our contractor, Shane Norris, took it down.  He rebuilt a beautiful one, based on directions from my husband.  At first I thought he was crazy building such a big deck, but it turned out beautiful (and my niece's wedding on it was beautiful!).

It was crazy how much work it was.  Adam and Megan couldn't wait for the summer to be over and both would prefer to not ever see a shovel again.  I continued to work in the yard everyday through September and into October before it was finished, hard work, but I think it looks amazing! 

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