Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Storage Room

Storage room before

Part of my creating for over the past year has been the creating in my home.  It is hard to believe that we have been living here now for 2 years.  So one of my projects was our storage room.  As you can see it was just cement walls and floor and some wood shelves which weren't very stable.  In fact, when we first moved in one of my daughters friends very excitedly told her mother that we "had a dungeon where we kept bad children."  I was mortified!  So I decided it was time to change it.  

Storage room after
We had our trusty contractor, Shane Norris, come over and sheet rock the walls and the ceiling which just doing that alone altered how it looked.  I then got to paint the walls and the ceiling.  I painted it all white to brighten up the "dungeon" I mean room.  I bought some floor squares at Lowe's and after sealing the cement floor, layed them out and trimmed them up until the floor was completely covered.  I then got some shelves from Costco to hold the food storage and other storage items.  But my real find was the Shelf Reliance shelves (the ones that you put the cans on and they roll to the back and pushes the older cans to the front, so awesome!).  I was at "Time Out for Wormen" and Self Reliance representatives were there.  They had the shelves on sale, no shipping and they covered the tax.  I was so excited because I had been wanting these shelves for a long time.  That was my finishing touch and we now had a bright and very usable storage room, not a dungeon!

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