Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Super Wednesday Crafts

Instead of having a "Super Saturday" craft day with the ladies at church, we had a Super Wednesday night instead.  I guess it was due to scheduling, anyway, at the time I guess there wasn't anyone really in charge and so I said I would help, and then, of course, ended up doing the whole thing.  I had recently seen some really fun ideas in a craft magazine so I started making plans.  One of the first projects we made was using cookie sheets to make fun gifts.  Cookie sheets are pretty inexpensive, I even found a 3-pack (3 different sizes) at Walmart for $4.  I used my Cricut to cut the letters and numbers and just trimmed the paper down to fit the size of the cookie sheets.  We used spray adhesive to attach the paper to the cookie sheet.  Then you can put them on an easel, use those cool 3M adhesives to hang on the wall, or drill holes in the cookie sheet and put ribbon through.  The picture on the top right was designed to hang your children's artwork on.  I just covered a clothes pin with matching paper and then put a magnet on the back.  The one on the left is for the kitchen.  You can hang up the recipe you are cooking from and/or menus.  The last one (designed by Stephanie Vogel) is an advent for Christmas.  The wreath is a magnet that you can just move from one number to the next as you count down to Christmas.

This next picture was a super easy craft to make.  These ribbon ornaments are actually grapevine balls that we just added ribbon to and then some hemp to hang them on the tree.  Just gather a bunch of different ribbons and then slip it under part of the grapevine ball, tie it in a knot and then trim.  Just keep going like that until the ball is covered as much as you like.  Aren't they really cute and super easy to make.  I found the grapevine balls at and they are really inexpensive.
My idea for the "super Wednesday" crafts was to make them all simple and using items the ladies could easily bring.  The fee wasn't very much because of this.  I only brought the paper and adhesive for the cookie sheets, everyone brought their own cookie sheets, some even painted them first which was really cute.  For the ribbon ornaments I brought the grapevine balls and hemp and everyone brought their own ribbon. 

For the last project we made treat jars.  I brought the paper and ribbon and the ladies brought their own jars and treats to fill them.  The first tag shown here is a naughty or nice spinner tag.  It's really fun, you can spin the tag to show "nice" or spin it to show "naughty."  I found some really cute "coal" chocolate to fill it with. 

The next treat jar shown on the left has an advent tag.  You just fill the mason jar with 25 candies that can then be eaten one a day until Christmas. 
The last treat jar tag we made was this cute snowman which I totally copied from a stamping magazine (sometimes things are just too cute not to copy!).  It was quick and easy and really adorable.

The craft day was a lot of work for me, but I think everything turned out really cute and everyone seemed to have a good time!

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