Saturday, February 26, 2011

Mickey Spinner Layout

I absolutely love this layout!  It is from the Close to my Heart Magic scrapbook layout idea book.  The pattern in the book has a photo spinner on a big flower, but I decided that I wanted to do the layout with some pictures from Disneyland and came up with the idea of replacing the big flower with a Mickey head. 

I used my Cricut to cut out the big Mickey head and then followed the rest of the Magic pattern in the book.  The picture above and to the right is a close up of the spinner with the photos in it.  This was Adam's 18th Birthday that we celebrated in Disneyland.  We had a fun time and I think this layout shows that!

Friday, February 25, 2011

February Scrapbook Workshop

This is the layout we made for the Scrapbook workshop this month.  It is made using the Close to my Heart Magic Idea Book layout "Spellbound" and using the sliding door technique.  We used the Sweetheart papers and the Love Ya! stamp set to stamp the heart embellishments that are cut out and placed around the layout.  If you notice on the right side layout the two bottom pictures on the page have a button between them.  This is where the "sliding door" is located. 

In this bottom left picture you can see how I have slid the hidden picture out half way and the bottom right picture you can see the hidden picture slid all the way out.  We just cut a slit in the sheet protector for the button to slip through so that it is on the outside and easy to slide back and forth.  So cute and so fun to have the little surprise picture hidden underneath the other.

February Card Workshop

I had so much fun making February's cards.  One of the things I was most excited about using was the new Close to my Heart Spray Pen.  The "XO" card below is the card we made using it. 

To make this card we took the Spray Pen and put water in it up to the 7th line from the bottom, then filled up the next two lines with Tulip re-inker and then added five pea-size drops of the Pearl Create-a-Shade which is what added the shimmer.  It really looks beautiful.  First step was to spray the card base with the Spray Pen.  Everyone's turned out differently.  We stamped "Love ya" and the small heart in Baby Pink and glued it to a small piece of Tulip Cardstock.  Next we stamped the "You fill my days with X's and O's" on a small White Daisy Cardstock circle and then stamped the big "X" and "O" cutting them out and attaching to the circle before mounting on top of the card over the velvet ribbon. 

Lisa D. wanted to try the Spray Pen with the Tulip color on one of our new ribbons.  We cut off just a flower portion of the ribbon and Lisa sprayed it and you can even see the shimmer in the photograph.  Didn't it turn out great!

The next card is from one of my new favorite stamp sets "Take Luck" which has some great "good luck" symbols like a horse shoe, four leaf clovers and a wishing well.  We stamped the horse shoe and good luck banner in Olive.  The four leaf clover flourish was stamped second generation in Garden Green.  We used the Lucky paper packet for the background.  After the horse shoe was cut out we mounted it on the card and then attached ribbon to the sides of it.  It turned out cute.

The last card we made was this beautiful Damask looking card using the February Stamp of the Month stamp set "Friendship."  We stamped the card base and saying in Wool Grey on White Daisy cardstock.  Then we used Buttercup ribbon using Glue Dots to adhere it in place then we glued the saying onto a piece of Grey Wool cardstock and mounted it over the ribbon.  A simple yet elegant card.

I also wanted to show a fun side to this stamp set so I made these cute little stacking boxes.  The bottom one is a 2 inch squared box and the top one is 1.5 inch squared using a basic box pattern.  I stamped the base in Lagoon color on the White Daisy cardstock and made the lids out of Pear cardstock.  I wrapped them all up in Lagoon ribbon from the Lagoon Mini-Medley packet.  Such a fun little gift to give!

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Organizing discontinued product

One of the other things I like to "create" is an organized space.  When I created my new scrapbook room I was able to put this shelf that I previously had in our kitchen at our old house.  I sorted through all of my Close to my Heaart product and pulled out the discontinued product and moved it over to the shelf.  I have it available for my use or anyone to buy.  I really wanted to create an organized space where anyone could easily find things they might want to use so I organized all the product into different containers.

One of my favorites are these cracker jars, I love them so much.  You can easily see the items in the containers and they fit perfectly on the small top shelf.  I made tags for all the containers and attached them to each container.

I also got some black containers for bigger things like paper, stamps and other miscellaneous items.  It has turned out to be the perfect solution to hold all of my discontinued product to sell and use.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Gymnastics layout with "waterfall" feature

This was the first layout I did with the Close to my Heart Magic layout idea book.  This has a really cool interactive feature called a "waterfall."  The pictures in the waterfall feature flip over one by one as you pull on the end until you end up at the final picture.  I thought it would be really fun to use my daughter's gymnastics pictures, pictures of her "flipping" while the waterfall flips so to speak.

The picture above left is the right-hand page of the layout and you see the waterfall at its resting position.  I cut out a section of the sheet protector to give the viewer access to the waterfall feature.  The picture above right is showing how the pictures start flipping as you pull on the end of it.  The bottom picture on the right is the waterfall feature all pulled out, isn't that cool!  The picture on the left is the left-hand side of the whole layout.  I think it turned out really fun and it is fun to pull on the waterfall!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Exercise Room



The before pictures here were taken during the inspection so the stuff in it was the previous owners, but they left the icky bookcases that we had to take to the dump.  Even from the beginning though I knew that my treadmill would fit perfectly into that little nook.  Once the room was painted and all the equipment put into it I was so excited!  



This is definitely one of my favorite rooms in the house.  Everything fit in there perfectly.  At our little house we had all this stuff out in the garage so it was really nice to be able to bring it into the house.  It is much easier to get on the treadmill when it is in the house versus the cold garage.

I put an old tv and video/DVD player in the room so I can do my exercise videos as well.  And recently we added a ballet bar for Megan to practice with.  I just love our exercise room!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Wednesday layout

I love the new Close to my Heart Flip Flaps!  The ones I used on this layout about Megan's dog Wednesday are 6 x 12.  I had such a long story to tell about how we got Wednesday that these Flip Flaps were the perfect option.  These pictures show the layout with the pages closed.  I used some matching photo clips to hold them closed. 

I put all the journaling on the inside of the Flap Flaps and had additional pictures hiding underneath.  These pictures show how the layout looks when the Flip Flaps are open.  I think it turned out really cute!

Friday, February 4, 2011

Card Holders from Pier 1

I just had to show these cute card holders (well, really they're meant to hold pictures but cards work great too).  I got them at Pier 1 and just thought they would be perfect to show off my card samples. 

I have them hanging in my scrapbook room showing the cards that we have made over the past 8 months in my card workshops.  Each row shows the 3 cards we made during a month.  I just love them!