Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Gymnastics layout with "waterfall" feature

This was the first layout I did with the Close to my Heart Magic layout idea book.  This has a really cool interactive feature called a "waterfall."  The pictures in the waterfall feature flip over one by one as you pull on the end until you end up at the final picture.  I thought it would be really fun to use my daughter's gymnastics pictures, pictures of her "flipping" while the waterfall flips so to speak.

The picture above left is the right-hand page of the layout and you see the waterfall at its resting position.  I cut out a section of the sheet protector to give the viewer access to the waterfall feature.  The picture above right is showing how the pictures start flipping as you pull on the end of it.  The bottom picture on the right is the waterfall feature all pulled out, isn't that cool!  The picture on the left is the left-hand side of the whole layout.  I think it turned out really fun and it is fun to pull on the waterfall!

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