Thursday, February 24, 2011

Organizing discontinued product

One of the other things I like to "create" is an organized space.  When I created my new scrapbook room I was able to put this shelf that I previously had in our kitchen at our old house.  I sorted through all of my Close to my Heaart product and pulled out the discontinued product and moved it over to the shelf.  I have it available for my use or anyone to buy.  I really wanted to create an organized space where anyone could easily find things they might want to use so I organized all the product into different containers.

One of my favorites are these cracker jars, I love them so much.  You can easily see the items in the containers and they fit perfectly on the small top shelf.  I made tags for all the containers and attached them to each container.

I also got some black containers for bigger things like paper, stamps and other miscellaneous items.  It has turned out to be the perfect solution to hold all of my discontinued product to sell and use.

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