Sunday, March 13, 2011

At the Beach

Megan's puppy, Wednesday, had only been with us a few months when we decided to take her to the beach with us.  This was before we learned that every single time we take her somewhere in the car with us she freaks out, drools like crazy and then throws up.  So we headed out and then ended up having to clean up her mess in the back of the truck once we got to the beach.  Then, of course, she hated the water (another thing we have found out about her, she hates water, even the rain, except to drink it).  We took her out to it anyway.

So the dog didn't have much fun, but we sure did!  I loved the pictures and put them on my computer to scrapbook.  I even backed them up.  What I didn't realize was that in the backing up process it did not back up and it deleted it from my computer (I had a new program and didn't yet know some tricks I had to do to prevent such a thing).  When I decided it was time to scrapbook the pictures, I realized they were gone.  All I had was a draft print of a contact sheet.  I was so upset (this happened to about 8 different groups of pictures) and just left it for years.

I finally just scanned in what I had and scrapbooked them anyway.  So some of the pictures are kind of fuzzy, but at least I have something from this fun day!

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