Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Love Notes

I was helping the Relief Society create a fun Valentine themed Relief Society get-together and decided to play with some tools that I hadn't worked with yet, but were sitting in my supplies.  I started with this really cool roller made by Memory Essentials (gel rollin jumbo size).  It is made to put acrylic stamps on to create a rolling effect.  I pulled out some of my Close to my Heart stamps and put them on the roller and using my Tulip stamp pad I rolled away on some plain white lunch bags.  It was so fun! 

Next I took my Crop-a-dile which I hadn't used yet either (properly at least, one day a friend and I tried without looking at the instructions with bad results).  I attached a stamped tag for each lady to write her name on so that everyone would have their own bag.

I then used my newest gadget, the
Zutter DreamKuts paper cutter.  I was making a ton of little notes so I knew this would be the perfect tool for the job.  I took regular printer paper in pink and ran it through the DreamKuts.  It cuts each piece of paper perfectly in half.  So I didn't have to do any measuring, just run them through, then several more times to get these small little notes.

I have been going out shopping to crafts stores with my friend Heather and found this really fun punch and I couldn't wait to use it on these little notes.  Then I added a stamped image to the bottom of each note that said things like "you are loved" and "you're amazing" in the same Tulip color stamp pad.

When the night came, the ladies had so much fun writing their "love notes" to each other.  We had their bags on display so once people were done with their notes, they could drop them in the individual bags.  Each lady went home with a bag full of notes that told her how much she was loved.

It was a great night and I enjoyed all my notes thoroughly.  Here is my bag and pile of notes.  It is great to feel loved!

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