Friday, April 1, 2011

Canvas and Fabric Pictures

 These pictures are made out of canvas, fabric, ribbon, buttons and brads.  I got everything but the ribbon at Ben Franklin craft store, the ribbon is from Close to my Heart.  I saw some other canvas pictures at Ben Franklin that gave me the idea.  I had bought this fabric to recover my cedar chest and had some left over and decided to make the pictures.

Each picture has the same elements, the only difference is placement, the buttons and the medium sized ribbon flower (stripe, polka dot and gingham).  It was pretty easy to make, just stampled on the fabric, glued on the ribbon, sewed on the buttons and attached the ribbon flowers by poking a hole in the canvas and fabric to push the brads through and flattening on the back.  My husband doesn't hate them, so I guess they will stay there for awhile.

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