Monday, June 4, 2012

Photo Organization

Recently a friend hired me to organize her photos.  When I picked up the photos they were all placed mixed up on these boxes and included photos from 1997 to today.  I started by pulling all the photos out of the boxes and I began organizing them by year as you can see by the cardboard year markers I made to separate them.  I have since started pulling out each year and organizing them by months.  After that is done, I organize them by day as best I can.  Some of her photos actually have dates printed on them which is very helpful.  Some packages she had written dates on and others have absolutely nothing so I take hints by details in the photos themselves.  Once I have them all in order, I will be placing them in photo books.  My friend is so excited to see her photos in order and safe in a book, I can't wait for her to see them too!

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