Friday, November 9, 2012

Happy Halloween Studio J Step-by-Step

To make this layout on Studio J, just follow the step-by-step instructions below:
1-Log in with the "Already have an account" or the "Not ready to create an account?  Enter Studio J" box.
2-Select "Create a new project."
3-Input a name & select the "create project" button.
4-Select "Start uploading photos now" or "upload photos later."
5-Select "Create your own custom layout."
6-Choose the "Moonlight" kit & continue.
7-Select the "Click, Click, Click" pattern & continue.
8-Select "Kit Mix 1" & continue.
9-Choose the "Paper" tab on the left side of the screen.  Drag & drop the owl pattern over the Smokey Plum pattern to replace it.  Drag & drop the solid Goldrush color to replace the Whisper color.
10-Select the ribbon on the left page, select the colors button in the pop-up menu & choose Goldrush.  Repeat on the knotted ribbon pieces.
11-Choose the photo hanger, select the colors button, select Smokey Plum, repeat with the brad in the photo hanger.
12-Select a Button, select the colors button, select Smokey Plum.  Select the thread in the Button, select the colors button, select Colonial White.  Select another Button that you want to be a different color, select the colors button then before choosing your color, select the "only this item" button at the bottom then select either Black or Goldrush.  Repeat with all other buttons you want to change their color.
13-Select the journal block on the right page, select the trash can to delete.
14-Select the "My Stickease" tab on the left.  Select the "Quick Title Tool" and type "Happy" and change the scale to "70" then drag & drop to the spot where we just deleted the journaling block.  Repeat with "Halloween."
15-Select the journal block on the left page, select the colors button and choose Colonial White.
16-In the My Steackease menu select "Quotes" in the drop down menu, select the "spooky" tab, drag & drop onto the left page.  After dropping it onto the page, use the curved arrow button to spin it into place next to the small picture.  Repeat with the "creepy" tab onto the right page.  If you need to zoom in for easier placement use the 100% tab at the top.
17-In the My Stickease tab select "Medium Accents" in the drop down menu, select the "Frankly Frightful" image, drag & drop next to the "Happy Halloween" title.
18-Drag & drop your photos into place and your page is complete.

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