Friday, January 11, 2013

Ribbon Storage

I saw this idea on Pinterest for organizing your ribbon and I already had these baskets and some dowels so I put it all together.  Things don't always work out like you would hope they would.  As you can see in the pictures the ribbon just keeps rolling out of the openings and just makes a huge mess.  I've been unhappy with this situation for awhile.
A few weeks ago I got the medium sized storage container from Close to my Heart and it has been sitting empty since then until I saw another idea on Pinterest for organizing ribbon.  They wrapped ribbon around pieces of cardboard and used pins to hold them in place.  I loved the idea and then looked at my CTMH container and realized I could put them in there.
I talked my daughter into helping me roll up the small bits of ribbon onto 3 1/4 x 4 1/4 pieces of cardboard and then I put the bigger rolls of ribbon in the open spots.  This container holds all of my discontinued CTMH ribbons.  It looks so amazing I think I need more containers for my other ribbons!


Allisa said...

Love this if only I had someone to roll all my unrolled ribbons onto cardboard keepers!

Renae McBarron said...

Maybe I should send my daughter your way :)