Friday, August 23, 2013

Sea World Digital Layouts

So you know how you go on a trip and you take a million pictures?  Well, that is what I did for my daughter's Senior Trip.  We to Southern California for almost a week spending time at Disneyland, Universal Studios and Sea World.  I was especially excited to go to Sea World because I had never been there before. 
Back to my million pictures problem, here are just a few that I took in only one day at Sea World.  I ended up with five layouts and I didn't even use all the pictures we took, just the best ones.
So, how was I going to get all these photos scrapbooked quick?  By using Studio J, of course.  I picked just one theme of papers (Splash Zone which is exclusive to Studio J), just a few of the digital Stickease and the same color (Ocean) digital ribbon on each layout to create a cohesive look for all of the layouts.
I think what took the most time was weeding out the pictures that I didn't want to use, because once that was done, the rest went really quickly.  I also just love the new feature of being able to add your own photo wells and change the sizes of ones already on the layout pattern.  There were quite a few that I reduced the photo well size in half then copy and pasted so that I could put two photos in the place of one so I could get more photos on a page. 
Well, on to all the photos from Disneyland and Universal Studios.  I promise to show them when they are done.  If you would like to use Studio J, just click on the Studio J button to the left of this article and have fun with it, I sure do!

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Alayne Fleming said...

Great studio j layouts....I love how you used so many pictures! That's what makes studio j so great.
Always, Alayne