Monday, October 21, 2013

Super Saturday Bracelets

On saturday we had our Ward's Super Saturday.  I was in charge of a class on bracelets which was a new craft for me, but I had found some really cute bracelets on Pinterest and created them from that.  So here are pictures and instructions of my versions:
Stretch Button Bracelet
Materials:  26” .5mm stretchy cord, 27 buttons (9 medium sized buttons, 9 large buttons, 9 small decorative buttons), needle
Step 1:  Lay your buttons out in desired pattern. 
Step 2:  Leaving about a 3" tail, begin stringing your buttons as follows:  the cord comes up from the bottom and thru the large and small decorative button, then back down, then down through the medium button, back up through the medium button, up through the large and small decorative button, and so on until it is the length you need.
Step 3: Pull it into a circle and tie the cord into a couple knots.  Then run the excess stretchy cord back through several buttons and trim the ends.
Stretch Bead Bracelet
Materials:  (15) 12 mm pearls, 1 yd 3/8" ribbon, 2 ft .5mm Stretch Magic cord, needle, Fray Check
Step 1:  Thread needle with cord, double & knot end 2-3 times.  Loosely tie knot in ribbon 7” from end, sew cord through knot with needle entering on 7” side securing cord inside knot.  Add beads in desired pattern:
The Wave
1.  Thread a pearl on needle sliding it down until it is flush with ribbon knot.
2.  Wrap ribbon around pearl sewing through where it touches the other hole of pearl.
3.  Repeat steps 1 & 2 to desired length.
The Pleat
1.  Same as steps 1 & 2 of The Wave.
2.  Sew back up through the ribbon .5" from your previous stitch.
3.  Repeat steps 1 & 2 to desired length (do not do step 2 on last bead).
Step 3:  Make several knots in cord, tie tails of cord and ribbon in a knot flush with last pearl.  Trim the tails of the cord.  Knot or tie ribbon tightly trimming ends & sealing with Fray Check.
Tattered Fabric Bracelet
Materials:  torn 2x8 muslin, 1.5x8 cotton and (3) 3/4x15 muslin for rosettes, loose threads of cotton and muslin; 7” pearl lace; 1 clasp; approx. 15 beads; needle; thread
Step 1:  Layout 2x8 muslin piece with cotton piece on top, then layer loose threads and lace in desired pattern minus 1” at edge for overlap.
Step 2:  Make spiral rosettes with the 3 3/4x15 pieces of muslin (for smaller rosettes tear piece to 12”) by grasping one end of your fabric twisting and rolling into a coil holding the bottom of the rosette until finished. 
Step 3: Begin sewing layers in place sewing on beads and rosettes (for fabric rosettes, make sure to put at least one small stitch through each portion of your spiral from the outside to the center sewing up and down on each row) in various places as you go.  Finish by sewing clasp on each end of bracelet (make sure you stitch the one half of the clasp before the 1” overlap).

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