Wednesday, January 29, 2014

My First Smash Book Style Pages

When I first saw a Smash Book, I thought it was so very cute, but I have such a crazy, organized brain that scrapbooking so random like that hurt just thinking about scrapbooking like that.  I knew it was perfect for my daughter and she has loved her book and filled it with great pictures and fun little items. 
Recently Close To My Heart has come out with their version of these type of scrapbooks called My Crush, and I fell in love with the Bluebird book (see the first picture), so I ordered one for myself.  I also ordered the Modville book (see the second picture) for my daughter as she has her Smash Book almost completely full.
I had the Bluebird My Crush book for many weeks before I finally got up the nerve to do something with it.  I decided that all the random photos I take with my cell phone were the pictures I want to put in My Crush book.  Here are my first two pages, my daughter still gave me a hard time that I didn't do the pages completely on the fly and random, yes I planned them out, but I'm still pretty happy with the pages and they were really fun to do.  I hope my pages in the future will get more free flowing than planned out, but practice makes perfect, right?!

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