Wednesday, March 5, 2014

YW Modesty Fashion Show Digital Layout

The Young Women in our ward put together a Modesty Fashion Show.  It was really fun with Modesty Fashion Fairy who taught not to wear too tight clothing, spaghetti stamps and plunging necklines in a funny way.  Then the girls modeled modest outfits (I don't have pictures of those), prom dresses and then the Laurel class got to model modest wedding dresses through the ages which were dresses borrowed from different ladies from church which was really fun to see.
I made this layout using Studio J and the Love Birds digital paper pack.  Like I've said before, I just love adding a ton of pictures to one layout in Studio J.  On the first page it was supposed to be one huge picture, but I reduced the size of the photo well, then copied and pasted it two times to create three smaller photo wells instead of one large one.  I also added one extra little picture on the bottom right hand page to sneak in a picture of the audience.
On the second layout I divided a couple of the bigger photo wells into some smaller ones to fit in more pictures.  It was a fun event and I love how the pictures and layouts turned out!

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