Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Hospital Crush Layout

I'm finding that my Crush book is getting me to scrapbook some things that in the past I wouldn't have and this layout is one of them.  The last several months I had some challenging health issues resulting in three visits to the ER, many prescriptions and one emergency surgery (thus the belly shot, sorry you have to see that but I did want to capture all five incisions and the resultant bruising).

I used some Flip Flaps on the first page where I took pictures of the awful sores I had in my mouth, because I wanted to have them but not be in your face.  I used some decorative elements as clips to hold the Flip Flaps closed unless you are really daring and want to see the pictures.

I'm really glad to have these experiences behind me and I am actually glad to have scrapbooked something that isn't a fun memory but was definitely a part of my life.

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