Saturday, June 14, 2014

Close To My Heart Spring/Summer 2014 Catalog/Idea Book Retiring List

Get these while you can, supplies are limited!  See the Retiring List section of the shopping tab on my website

Z1789-Chalkboard 12" x 12" Sheet, Adhesive-backed
Z1843-Irresistibles™ Frames
Z1844-Color-Ready Trinkets Wooden Shapes
Z1858-Irresistibles™ Hexagons
Z1863-Color-Ready Midtown Cork Shapes
X7170C-Laughing Lola Complements Dimensional Elements
X7171C-Sarita My Stickease® Assortment
X7172C-ProPlayer My Stickease® Assortment
X7173C-Babycakes Complements Canvas Shapes
X7177C-Skylark Dimensional Elements Complements
X7178C-Ivy Lane My Stickease® Assortment
X7179C-Ariana Dimensional Elements Complements
X7180C-Balloon Ride Dimensional Elements Complements
X7181C-Jubilee Dimensional Elements Complements
X7182C-Timberline My Stickease® Assortment
X7183C-Lollydoodle My Stickease® Assortment
Z1039-Create A Shade Pearl Paint
Z1825-Keyboard Kraft Alphabet
Z1835-Tiny Type Epoxy Alphabet
Z1961-Marquee Enamel Shapes–White
Z1891-Base & Bling Teal Jewels
Z1892-Base & Bling Black Jewels
Z1893-Base & Bling Red Jewels
Z1894-Base & Bling Pink Jewels
Z1895-Base & Bling Purple Jewels
Z1854-Laughing Lola Assortment
Z1869-Babycakes Assortment
Z1873-Sarita Assortment
Z1879-ProPlayer Assortment
Z3000-Skylark Assortment
Z3001-Ivy Lane Assortment
Z3002-Ariana Assortment
Z3003-Balloon Ride Assortment
Z3004-Jubilee Assortment
Z3005-Timberline Assortment
Z3006-Lollydoodle Assortment
Z1837-Mini-Medley Accents Wooden Collection
Z1702-Baker's Twine Paradise Assortment
Z1751-Harvest Baker's Twine
Z1760-Burlap Ribbon
Z1808-Outdoor Denim Chevron Ribbon
Z1817-Slate Polka-Dot Washi Tape
Z1826-Hollyhock Zipper Lace
Z1846-Ruby Chevron Ribbon
Z1850-Lagoon Houndstooth Washi Tape
Z1867-Jute Ribbon
Z1917-Lagoon Zipper Lace
Z1930-Chocolate Woodgrain Washi Tape
Z1343-12 x 12 Post Bound Album- Cranberry
Z1344-12 x 12 Post Bound Album- Hollyhock
Z1345-12 x 12 Post Bound Album- Black
Z1348-WIP 12x12 Album- Chocolate
Z1911-Designed Décor Frame Kit
Z1874-Base & Bling Necklace
Z1875-Base & Bling Cuff
Z1876-Base & Bling Hair Clips
Z1877-Base & Bling Rings
Z1878-Base & Bling Headband
Z1195-My Creations Memory Showcase 6x6
Z1647-My Creations® Card Box
Z1797-My Creations® Bracket Frame
Z1868-My Creations® Kraft Ring Box
Z1870-My Creations® Kraft Pocket Album
Z1820-For Always Textiles
Z1885-Sarita Textiles
Z1970-Skylark Textiles
Z1971-Jubilee Textiles
Z1801-Alcohol Blending Marker
Z2400-Marker Set: Twilight
Z2401-Marker Set: Crystal Blue
Z2402-Marker Set: Sky
Z2403-Marker Set: Juniper
Z2404-Marker Set: Sweet Leaf
Z2405-Marker Set: Buttercup
Z2406-Marker Set: Creme Brulee
Z2407-Marker Set: Sorbet
Z2408-Marker Set: Blush
Z2409-Marker Set: Smoothie
Z2410-Marker Set: Gypsy
Z2411-Marker Set: Pacifica
Z2412-Marker Set: Lagoon
Z2413-Marker Set: Topiary
Z2414-Marker Set: Pear
Z2415-Marker Set: Honey
Z2416-Marker Set: Sunset
Z2417-Marker Set: Cotton Candy
Z2418-Marker Set: Hollyhock
Z2419-Marker Set: Cranberry
Z2420-Marker Set: Smokey Plum
Z2421-Marker Set: Outdoor Denim
Z2422-Marker Set: Indian Corn Blue
Z2423-Marker Set: Ponderosa Pine
Z2424-Marker Set: New England Ivy
Z2425-Marker Set: Olive
Z2426-Marker Set: Goldrush
Z2427-Marker Set: Autumn Terracotta
Z2428-Marker Set: Barn Red
Z2429-Marker Set: Ruby
Z2430-Marker Set: Black
Z2431-Marker Set: Slate
Z2432-Marker Set: Whisper
Z2206-Reinker Blush
Z2210-Reinker Buttercup
Z2260-Reinker Twilight
Z2267-Reinker Crème Brulee
Z2294-Reinker Sky                                                                                         
Z2106-Stamp Pad Blush
Z2110-Stamp Pad .Buttercup
Z2160-Stamp Pad Twilight
Z2167-Stamp Pad Crème Brulee
Z2194-Stamp Pad Sky                                                                                       
Z2500-Whimsy Mini Pigment Set
Z4133-Marker Tower
X5761-Cardstock 12x12 Sky                                                                                  
X5936-Whimsy Cardstock Combo
X7170B-Laughing Lola Paper Packet
X7171B-Sarita Paper Packet
X7172B-ProPlayer Paper Packet
X7173B-Babycakes Paper Packet
X7177B-Skylark Paper Packet
X7178B-Ivy Lane Paper Packet
X7179B-Ariana Paper Packet
X7180B-Balloon Ride Paper Packet
X7181B-Jubilee Paper Packet
X7182B-Timberline Paper Packet
X7183B-Lollydoodle Paper Packet
1514-Tombow Adhesive
1515-Tombow Adhesive Refill
Z1311-Circle Punch 1 1/4                                                                                 
Z338-Euro Personal Paper Trimmer
Z1114-Piercing Tool Kit
A1130-Quick Cards-Bountiful Season
A1143-Teddy Bear Birthday
A1144-Birthday Cheer
A1145-Flowering Thanks
A1158-Doodle Signs
A1160-This Is Good
B1407-School Is Here
B1411-Greek Alphabet
B1425-Stitched with Love
B1426-Pick a Posy
B1446-Some Bunny
B1447-A Mother's Love
B1448-My Hero
B1451-Enjoy the Little Things
C1473-Remarkable Wreath
C1510-Merry & Bright
C1524-Words of Comfort
C1555-Count Your Blessings
D1483-Glory To God
D1514-Just a Number
D1551-Swirls Around
D1564-Maximum Power
D1583-Unicorn Dreams

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