Monday, December 15, 2014

Cutting My Acrylix Stamps

I really wanted to make this photo banner stamp curve on my card.  The great thing about the My Acrylix stamps is that you can easily curve them onto a block and create the look you want.

The only problem was I wanted the stamp to curve more than the stamp would allow so I decided to cut the stamp itself to create more of the curve that I wanted.  So I took a pair of scissors and cut between each little frame on the stamp giving it more room to curve as you can see it laid out on this block.

The great thing about being able to cut My Acrylix stamps, is that if I want the stamp to be in its original shape, all I have to do is place it on a block that way as shown in this picture.

This is how my card turned out, I used the Close To My Heart Wanderful paper packet, Black and White Daisy cardstock, Black and Crystal Blue ink, ShinHan Touch Win markers Peony Purple and Turquoise Blue then added the purple sparkles and sparkle black button.

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