Friday, December 12, 2014

Downstairs Wall Decor

This is the wall at the bottom of my stairs downstairs.  It has been a big blank wall for many years, but I have been collecting things that I wanted to put up there.  I finally felt like it was time to put some things up. 

The key is the most recent acquired item, given to me by my mother-in-law.  I think I will probably hang a few things from it, just don't know what yet. 

The picture frame with the four clips across a bar I got at Target a long time ago it was my first acquired item and finally figured out what pictures I wanted to put in it.  It is pictures of my daughter and son when they were little each with me or my husband. 

The picture of Jesus Christ was given to me from my childhood friend, Jenny, who's friend had painted the original.  It is so beautiful and I just love His eyes which I recently found out from her that he painted them after her own eyes. 

I found the "love you more" picture at Marshall's, I think, it is something that is said in our home quite often. 

The last frame is a décor item from Close To My Heart and I have been so excited to be able to use it.  I asked my family what kind of pictures we should clip on it.  My daughter said we should put funny pictures of our family on it, so that is what I have done.  There is plenty of room to keep adding some pictures and boy do I have some great ones to add to it! 

I'm happy with how the display has turned out, but I do think I will add a few more things as I come across something I know will be perfect for the wall.

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