Friday, December 19, 2014

Meant To Bee Bridal Shower

As many of you know, I had two weddings within a month of each other so I had two brides-to-be to do showers for and both we not really thrilled about having a shower focusing on them alone.  I got them to agree to a joint bridal shower and we held it two weeks after the first one and two weeks before the next one.  As I was looking at different shower ideas online, I really loved the ones using bees as their them.  So I came up with the "Meant To Bee" theme.  I started off with this banner using the discontinued Close To My Heart Buzz & Bumble paper.
I found some really cute things online that I created my own version of such as these chair signs.  I used the "Queen Bee" signed for our new bride and the "Bride to Bee" sign for the upcoming bride. 

I'm not one for a lot of silly games, but I did want to do a few things as you can see in the pictures.  I think my favorite was the advice cards that the attendees filled out for each bride, they were really thoughtful and fun.

My niece made the beautiful cake in which she hand painted the Seattle LDS Temple where the weddings were being held.  She did an amazing job!

Both brides had a great time and got some great presents that they love, even all three red toasters!

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