Friday, January 23, 2015

Putting Together a Workshop

I have been doing paper crafting workshops for a long time and I have quite a system down.  The first thing I do is plan it out, plan what stamps, paper, embellishments, etc that I want to use.  Then I come up with an idea.  I go to a lot of different sources for ideas like books, Pinterest and more.  Then I create my sample.  This is probably the part that takes the longest, sometimes what I have in my head and on paper just doesn't come out right and I have to start over. 
The most fun is when I start putting together the kits.  This picture is from a few months ago, as you can see I layout out all the pieces before putting them into their bags.  I layout the base piece first and generally work from biggest to smallest pieces until they are all laid out and I can see that all kits have all their piece.  Then I bag them up for my customers to make all their creations.  I love doing this job!

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