Thursday, October 22, 2015

Shadow Boxes

I have previously made and shared a shadowbox that shows off my needlework hobby and I decided that I wanted to make another one that features my stamping hobby.  It was so fun and quick to put together.  It includes my first and favorite stamp, Buttercup, as well as some artwork that my friend Kelley made for me.  I also included a My Acrylix Sticky Boy stamp that I found at one convention (CTMH hides them all around the convention area and you have to look really hard to find one).  The tube is actually candy stamps that I got from a friend a long time ago, I could never bring myself to eat them, so I included them in the shadow box, so cute!  I added some embellishments and there you go!

The same day I decided to finally finish this "R" that I had been waiting for me to work on it.  Some cute papers and embellishments and there you go, done!

I hung both of these up by my Japanese shadow box which I have had hanging up for awhile in my studio.  All through high school we had a foreign exchange student from Japan and she would bring gifts every time she would come back for the new school year and I had saved them all and finally put them all in a shadow box.

So now, all three items are hanging up together in my studio, they make me happy every time I look at them!

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