Monday, February 29, 2016

How I Use My Everyday Life Planner

I have to be honest, I love planners, but I had been trying to go all digital the past few years, so when I got this new planner, I felt like I didn't know what I was doing.  I've always been a huge "To Do" list person and used my planners in the past strictly for keeping my schedule and lists.

When I got the Everyday Life Planner (please note that the calendar pages are all sold out now, but the binder, My Crush pages and memory protectors are still available) I wanted it to be more than that, I wanted it to become a scrapbook of my year.  I had gone on Pinterest and looked at what a lot of people were doing with their planners and loved so many different ideas.  I even tried a lot of those ideas and then would discard the ones that didn't work for me.  I have to admit that I wore down my eraser quite a bit as I would try different things then erase them. 

The pictures here are pretty much what I think that I have settled on in my planner (of course I'm always changing things, so I expect there might be a few more as the year goes on).  For the monthly view of the calendar I am putting down appointments, a little bit of journaling, quotes I like and my monthly goals.

For the week view of the calendar I am also putting down appointments on the left side of the day (where the cute paper is, still trying to decide if I want to do that every month) and my To Do list on the right side of the day.  In the bottom right hand corner of the week layout where there was some extra space, I used some washi tape to mark it off and I put my goals for the week there.

I decided that I didn't want my messy week view pages in the completed book, so I glued pretty paper to the back side of the month view to cover up the first page of the week view when the month was over and pulled the remainder of January's week view pages out of the planner.

I used some Picture My Life cards that were a special in January to create my month title page.  When you turn this page you see the month view, the week view page I covered up and after that I added a couple of the My Crush Everyday Life Pages and then a couple of the Memory Protectors.

I did reorganize how I saved my photos on my computer too.  For past years I have a folder for the year and then separate folders for the different events or layouts that I would be doing within that year. 

For 2016 I created the main folder and then month folders within that.  In the month folder I have all my pictures taken that month.  If there is enough photos to create a whole 12x12 layout I gave it its own folder within that month.  By organizing my photo folders this way, I can focus on doing my scrapbooking one month at a time.  I'm so excited to have January all done and it is in my planner for me to keep looking at, it makes me really happy!

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