Monday, March 28, 2016

February Everyday Life Planner Scrapbook Layouts

I am having so much fun making this layouts for my planner!  When February was over I started putting these pages together and now I have both January and February of 2016 photos completely scrapbooked (March will be different I have some bigger events to scrapbook as well, but my plan is to do the misc and smaller events in my planner).

I started off with the title page for the month, I found a PML card that I wanted to keep in mind for the month and I loved the whole "do" concept.

Next is the month planner layout and again I covered the back side of the page with cute paper because I don't want to keep the daily planning pages (way too messy for me wanting anyone to remember lol).

Then I followed it up with some My Crush pages and a few pocket memory protector pages, so fun!  I printed up all my photos for the month in the 3x4 format and then just decided if I wanted them on a My Crush page or in a memory protector.  Super fun and I love the results!

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