Friday, March 4, 2016

In Memory Of Stacey Layout

I created this layout without any idea of what pictures I wanted to put on it.  As I pondered what pictures to use, I looked at the beautiful sun and bright colors and knew that pictures of my dear friend, Stacey, would be perfect on these pages.  Stacey just had a knack of bringing light and joy into everyone's lives and I knew these Penelope papers and embellishments would do her justice. 

I had saved different photos from the news articles about the accident that took her life and I wasn't sure I wanted to scrapbook them, but I decided to include them but hide them behind other pictures using some 3x3 Flip Flaps.  There are a total of four Flip Flaps on this layout because I wanted to keep a lot of the pictures people had posted in memory of her.  I didn't know what to journal, so much is in my heart and I already wrote so much of my feelings on my other blog, (Sunshine and Shadows, Just Be Happy, Dear Stacey), that I just opted for a simple statement. 

Doing an "in memory of" scrapbook page is not easy, but I know this layout will make me happy when I see it as I remember Stacey, my Sunshine!

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